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Siemens SIMATIC S7 HMI Siemens S5
Faults and problems that lead to production must be disposed off quickly and efficiently, in this case there are some solutions: replacement or repair of defective components. We can offer help in repairing defective components (especially in the range Siemens Simatic S5), which is removed from the production line and supply of parts lasts very long and very expensive. 
We offer our customers services tailored after the needs of each service: 
  • service contract in the periodic review and that the benefits of preventive maintenance; 
  • drawing up a preventive maintenance plan adapted to your equipment working; 
  • preparing a list of parts that allow machines to minimize parking times; 
In extremely urgent cases we can offer the parts from our test rack until the parts arrive at the order, so as to minimize the time that equipment is not suitable for production. All you do is give us a simple phone call and we can tell immediately if defective part is in stock, can be repaired or how long it can be delivered directly to you. 
FOCUS INDUSTRIAL SERVICE SRL coming so meet your business needs and offers of stock or to order a wide range of spare parts for industrial automation.  For more complex defects we have partnerships with specialized firms outside. 
We are also interested in purchasing surplus parts from that are no longer needed in your installation, whether new or second hand.